The Only Way is Natural!

Yes, hands up, I’ve been caught watching The Only Way is Essex and I enjoyed it. Even though the Towie lot are far from au naturel I haven’t been left with any moral hang ups about plastic surgery. It is simply the idea that the world has more to offer before I find myself lying down staring back at a long needle or, heaven forbid, a sharp knife. I love make up , beauty and hair products, moisturisers you name it; but I do find myself wondering if the ‘galactic light detecting beam rays’ that will make you look twelve years younger is a load of nonsense? At least with surgery it is honest about what exactly you are getting (the results tend to stand out). Beauty companies spend millions on branding and advertising to make us believe what it says on the bottle will instantly happen for us. If this is my only option, I want to know what the alternatives are?

With the growing trend to look after our bodies and our health in a more natural way (think the recent banning of sun beds for catwalk models). I’ve set myself a challenge to find and use products thats rejuvenating qualities may have been lost or forgotten. Every person and culture has a different experience of beauty and with it there is untapped sharing potential.

For my first topic of Natural Beauty I look to Emma Stone who’s daily routine involves the cheap and cheerful, and oh so natural, Grapeseed oil. What is so special about this product that seems better placed in a salad than your face? Originally made in Italy it is light, non greasy and a fairly flavourless oil making it perfect for skin application.

Emma Stone - a fan of Grapeseed Oil

Emma Stone reportedly uses it for the smoothing effect it has on the skin. But for me, the qualities that I love is its ability to tone the facial tissue whilst also cleaning out the pores; drawing a big cheer for those of us who suffer from an annoying spot or two. Winter can have harsh effects on our skin and it can be troubling to find a good moisturiser that nurtures deep without over exposure. Having sensitive skin I am always on the lookout for an alternative to greasy or heavy products and, of course, the ultimate goal is to achieve glowy skinned nirvana.

Having decided to give it a try, which are the good ones out there?

Primavera Organic Face Grapeseed oil (30ml) – if you are thinking luxurious and you don’t mind spending £30 a go.

HealthAid Grapeseed oil at £5 per 100ml – this is a much healthier option for the bank balance and as an added bonus it can be used for your hair.

Nature’s Alchemy Grapeseed Oil – with added Vitamin E making it super good for your skin, being an American brand, can be found on Amazon at £7.20 for just over 100mls.

Natural Thinking’s Grapeseed Carrier Oil – another product that is light on the purse at £2 per 100ml + shipping costs.

But for the bargain buyers out there, you can head down to your local supermarket and pick up some own brand Grapeseed oil for roughly £2 for 500mls. Seems too good to miss out on so I’ll pick some up and report back with my findings – look out for the video review!

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About Share Thy Secret

Beauty is for everyone. We are all involved with beauty every day in some way or another. But we do not all do the same things, because we are unique. And when we interact with each other we learn something new. My mission is to learn something new from you. It is exciting really. We want to know what someone else does to look and feel beautiful. It gives us ideas and inspiration for our own lives. Maybe, without realising it, you could provide that inspiration. So let's share our secrets and feel more beautiful together! Sharing is caring: Who are you? Where are you from? And what is your Beauty tip or product to share? Tell me in the contact form below and I'll share it for the world to know!
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