Top Tips to Open Air Skin Care

I had the delight of finding myself in the Lake District last week. Minus the windy rain ruining any chance I had of decent hair, it did not disappoint. Refreshing outdoor life did wonders for my general energy and topped up my endorphin levels (the body’s natural pleasure hormone). It got me to thinking how natural air has an effect on our skin and how taking a hike in the countryside, every once in a while, just might be the perfect remedy to our busy and stressful lives.

The stress relieving views of Lake Windermere in the heart of the Lake District

Seven reasons to get those walking boots out of the loft:

1)      STRESS- an often overlooked impact on the health of your skin. Open air and spaces are good for taking your mind off the stresses of daily life and stimulating your senses. So sit back, relax and take in the views.

2)      OUTDOOR EXERCISE- You don’t have to be charging up into snow capped mountains for your skin to benefit. A brisk walk that allows your pores to open up and sweat it out is good enough. Take care in drinking plenty of water to rehydrate your skin as you go.

3)      OXYGEN– Goodbye stale polluted city air and hello gorgeous clean oxygen! Take advantage of this uncontaminated air by breathing in deeply, it helps heal your lungs and works to firm and tighten your skin. In fact some people swear by it so much so that they opt for the Oxygen facial (an anti aging treatment that has instant plumping and smoothing effects). Even Madonna is a fan and that lady doesn’t miss a youth defying trick.

4)      SUNSHINE- Just like plants we too need our fix of sunlight to process Vitamin D in our bodies. The real treasure here is its ability to create protective skin cells and, not forgetting, the smooth glowy look it gives to our skin tone. But if you’re going to be outdoors for any length of time, don’t forget the sun cream!

5)      MAKE UP- Take a break from your foundation and let your natural skin shine through. If you’re not too happy about a whole day bare skinned, perhaps try replacing your heavier creams with lightly tinted moisturisers. Your skin will thank you for the rest.

6)      BATH TIME- after a gruelling day out battling the country wind, rain and heights I found there was nothing better than a hot steamy bath. It opened up my pores and dug out that un-shifting dirt that seems to build up so easily. So break out the bubble bath and feel free to lie back for as long as your skin wants you to.

7)      ELECTRONICS- this last one might be too difficult for most of us to bear but putting your phone down for a few hours can work miracles for our overall health and well being. Ever felt that tension in your neck and shoulder area that just will not let up? You’re not alone; we’re all suffering from tech related tension these days. A few hours away from checking, photo taking, updating, posting could be just the break you need.

Me airing those pores - out walking in the Lake District -

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