Beauty and The Arts

A snapshot into the life and make-up bag of Shannon from Sydney, Austrailia. Photograph by Sophie Gamble

A snapshot into the life of Shannon! This beauty sharer has decided to share her Top 3 products that make her world spin!

Originally from Oshawa, Ontario- Canada but now living just outside of Sydney in Australia- Shannon is a student by day and songstress by night! She shares for us her top 3 beauty favourites and her artwork. Check out the products and the video.

Maybelline Super Stay 14-hour lipstick

Number 1
Maybelline Super Stay 14 hour lipstick in ContinuousCranberry.

Rimmel London Kajal Eyeliner Pencil in White







Number 2
Rimmel London Kajal Eyeliner Pencil in White







Gosh Liquid Eyeliner in Black

Number 3
Gosh Eye Liner Liquid in Black









Not only do I absolutely love the Cranberry lipstick but I think she is also rather talented! Don’t forget to check out her video below on youtube.

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Life, Friendship, Beauty and a Marathon!

When my wonderful friend Emily suggested that we run the Prague Marathon, I had no idea what I was in store for and what the experience would do to my (poor) body, my skin, my mind and my friendship.

Me on the far left and Emily next to me – just before we get going on the 26.2miles.

Preparation got off to a shaky start with injuries and life getting in the way of a strict and tiring marathon schedule but, towards the end we both perked up and started to feel excited about our upcoming challenge! The day before the dreaded 26.2miles, feeling bleary eyed and under-prepared, we stuffed a suitcase full of everything and anything we thought could get us through! (and, not forgetting, 5 days in the beautiful city of Prague!)

How can you describe the feeling of running and completing a marathon? Everyone has a different experience but for Emily and myself we found that we could not have got through it without some Insane Positivity! Without this Insane Positivity I could not have made it through that awful last 10km where you’re body screams “NO MORE!” and it doesn’t understand why you are not putting an end to this unnecessary pain. And was the pain worth it? Absolutely!

Posing in front of the famous Castle of Prague

What was the best part about the marathon?

Me: A few hours after, when the initial shock had subsided, the feeling that if I could push my mind into to doing that, I could do ANYTHING!

Emily: Finishing in under 4 hours!! But on a less selfish note, I loved the feeling of running alongside and supporting thousands of people, running their own race, within the same race. And of course I loved when the finish line was finally behind me!

What was the best part about being in Prague?
Me: The city was stunning with beautiful cobbled streets and history on every corner. But going with my friend Emily, meeting new people and the feeling of closeness and yet total freedom was the most exhilarating feeling I’ve had in a long time. I have never laughed so much in my whole life and I didn’t want to go home.

Emily: I agree, spending a long weekend with a close friend in a European city was so much fun. I really enjoyed staying in a hostel and meeting such a mix of different people from around the world. Prague specifically though has a lot of diversity. Each street tells so many stories about its vast history and some of the architecture is really amazing.

What would you tell people before going on a marathon?

Me: Don’t stop! Keep a rhythm going and even of you don’t feel you’ve done enough – your brain is always capable of more than you think it is! Oh and go with your best friend, it’s a blast!

Emily: It is definitely your own race so don’t be tempted to let your dose of race day adrenaline push you into a faster rhythm. I don’t normally run with an iPod but it really helped me having a playlist of different music that suited all of my moods- not just fast tempo tracks but songs that reminded me of inspirational people. A marathon is such a psychological game.

And finally, the products we took with us to ensure we looked and felt our best during the Marathon:

Olay Regenerist Flawless Skin Cream SPF 30

Olay Regenerist, Flawless Skin Cream SPF 30 –to protect my skin from the strong sun, wind and any weather damage that you are exposed to. I make sure to use this on my chest and ears as well as my face!
Grapeseed oil (from my first ever post!) To clean away pores and impurities from the travelling and being outside all day.

Sure Women Maximum Protection deodorant – to last the 4 sweaty hours!
Mini Tub, Boots Extracts Mango Body Butter – For that intense dry skin brought on by running and travelling. Oh and at 50mls it is hand luggage friendly!
Batiste Dry Shampoo – for the travel and the wind that makes hair lank and greasy far too quickly!


The Body Shop Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray    

The Body Shop Cooling Peppermint Foot Spray- so refreshing after a long city walk or a nice little jog around the city.       

Vaseline essential to keep you comfortable when running for 26. 2 miles there is nothing worse than chaffing!!
Body Shop’s Vitamin C Skin Boost

The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Boost

keeps your face glowing when you’re sleep deprived and gives you a bit of a lift!

Compeed Blister plasters- an actual God send!

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Get Retro Hair Like Lana del Rey with These Style Tips

Lana del Rey is making waves with her retro take on music and styling. And it’s not hard to see why, she achieves effortless glamour without being over styled. It got me to thinking how much my hair craves this low effort, but highly stylish look! Handily, my beauty tip this week comes from Millie who knows her vintage from her retro. She lets us into her favourite tricks and products to keep her hair healthy and styled.

Millie - shares her hair styling tips

Millie’s Beauty tip: My trick is using a Bumpit, it gives you masses of extra volume without the bother of extensions and other hair props. They’re little plastic hair inserts which you simply have to comb an area of hair over to achieve immediate volume! They’re a life-saver on nights out as they make your 60s beehive or volumised chignon look far more professional than they are and because they have combed edges they actually keep the whole place in style.

Use a Bumpit for retro glam hair - simple but effective!

And for effortless, California girl styling:

In the summer I love using Lee Stafford’s Sea Salt Spray, it gives you the perfect tousled, just-left-the-beach look. The directions recommend applying 50 sprays to wet or towel dried hair which at first seemed excessive but is actually spot on because this is enough to completely cover the hair otherwise you end up with hair that just looks a bit unruly. It’s a time saver too as when I use it I leave my hair to dry naturally and just blow dry at the end to set the tousled look.

Lee Stafford Sea Salt Hair Spray for effortless beach hair

With summer coming up it would definitely be my top recommendation!

Aussie Dual Personality Heat Protection Spray - great for those who colour their hair

Millie relies on the following products to keep her hair happy:

I love L’Oreal Elvive Nutrigloss shine shampoo and conditioner. My hair is quite long so can get weighed down really easily. I’ve been through a million different shampoos but have been using this one for the past year because I think it’s great. I always use a hair serum before I dry my hair because otherwise it ends up looking ridiculously frizzy. The best one I’ve found is Aussie’s Dual Personality Shine and Coloured Hair Protection Serum, it’s amazing value for money as I’ve used more expensive ones in the past and found they’re not as effective. I highlight my hair so it’s good to know that I’m helping to protect the colour as well.
I always spray my hair before going out even when I’m just leaving it down, it’s the easiest way to keep your hair looking good for the whole day. I use Frizz Ease hairspray from John Frieda because it gives it hold but doesn’t leave it horrible and sticky so you can brush it out easily if you want to start again.

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting myself a bumpit for a super stylish look this weekend!

Lana del Rey and her glamorous retro look!

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Beauty Adventures in Peru

You can find beauty where ever you look in life and make a discovery in the most unexpected places. When we share with each other it connects us. When we go to a new place and open our eyes we learn from each other.

Katy, 23, London, Assistant Publicist

Meet Katy, 23, London, Assistant publicist. She shares for us, a glimpse into her life and beauty.

Katy's beauty staple Benetint - perfect for nights out!

What product can you not live without?
Benetint by Benefit– this has been my beauty staple for about 5 years now, it lasts ages and is so handy on nights out when you don’t want to stuff your bag with makeup! It’s perfect if you like the natural look and want to add a bit of colour to your lips and cheeks….I love it!

Katy in Peru doing the famous Inca Trail

What has been your most recent adventure?
A two-week trip to Peru to volunteer, do the Inca Trail and gallivant around with a backpack.

What have you learnt about Beauty whilst travelling in Peru?
Sun care is so important. Living in England you don’t have to worry about this too much (sadly) but going somewhere with high altitude you burn instantly. I love a tan but bright red, peely skin is not a good look. I noticed that the women in Peru often look decades older than they actually are because they’ve been in the sun constantly without protection all their lives and have really paid the price. Now in the pharmacies they stock only make up with a spf for young Peruvian girls who don’t want to look like their mothers! I am definitely going to be more vigilant with sun care, even a good moisturiser with a spf can make a difference.

Keep your skin safe with Clarins Hydraquench lotion spf 15

What do you do for your skin care?
I’ve started to worry that my years of sun worshipping will eventually take their toll so in an effort to not end up looking like a leather bag I moisturise twice daily with Clarins Hydraquench Lotion Spf15 and make sure I cleanse and tone in the evening. I don’t exfoliate enough but try to do it every once in a while, especially with summer approaching.

Any thrifty beauty tips?
One of my good friends introduced me to this amazing warming mineral face mask from the Body Shop. I use it every once in a while if I’m going out or it’s a special occasion and it makes your skin look flawless. It has a really noticeable effect and at £9 is a bit of a bargain! Also drinking lots of water makes a big difference– I make sure I drink 2 litres a day.

Body Shop Warming Mask for flawless skin

What would you want to know more about?
Sometimes, if I’m after a new product, I wish there was an easy way of knowing the best one to buy. I’m a sucker for advertising but it’d be great to know what really worked and what’s worth the money.

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Beauty Secrets all the Way From The USA!

Meet Dawn, 29, born and raised in Los Angeles, California

Dawn is a beauty blogger ( and knows all things make-up related. She shares for us, her beauty must haves and a few tips that she’s picked up along the way.

Beauty Sharer - Dawn,29,from California LA

Who is your beauty inspiration?
I admire Janet Jackson for her beauty and style. For as long as I can remember I’ve been a huge fan. She’s so gorgeous and confident but so humble. They’re a lot of divas in the entertainment world and she doesn’t come off as one of them. I see her as a natural beauty and not one to go outrageous with her look. She can wear a bustier or a concealing sweater and look just as sexy.
What product could you not live without?
It would have to be lipstick. I’ve adored lipstick since I was 14 years old. They brighten you up and add a bit of glamour. When I go out without foundation on, I just add lipstick to look and feel fresh. Beauty tip: because lipstick is a cream it’s universal. It can be used on the lips, cheeks and even the eyes, if you’re in a pinch.
What is important to you as a woman from LA in terms of Beauty?

A scene from Dawn's home town LA!

LA is a huge metro, party scene so ladies and gentlemen are always looking to make themselves look and feel better. Gyms and spas are everywhere. I find that exercising is the best detox you can give yourself. It helps to increase blood flow and it makes you sweat out all the impurities in our bodies. Spas are just hands down relaxing. Who doesn’t need to feel relaxed in today’s world? Most importantly laugh! When you laugh you are happy and it makes you feel great! Hang out with your friends, go dancing (double whammy: you can sweat and laugh). I think it’s important to remember that beauty is not just what you put on your face, it comes from within.
Have you got any Beauty secrets to share?
1) Drink lots of water daily – and limit the sugar! Everyone knows this but we just don’t do it enough. I notice when I drink more juices or alcoholic beverages and less water, I start seeing more breakouts than I care to see. Water will flush out all the toxins and hydrate your body.
2) Get plenty of rest- our cells regenerate when we sleep. No sleep equals little to no cell regeneration.
3) Go natural in your skin care products – not everything that claims to be natural really is so my test for natural ingredients is:  If I can’t pronounce the ingredients – it is not going on my face! Lots of department-store brands’ are notorious for adding these types of ingredients. You can buy your products from health food stores (in LA we have Whole Foods Market). I love everything in Lush. I prefer to spend a bit more in order to keep my skin healthy!

Beauty inspiration - Janet Jackson

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Sharing is Caring: We Look to Namibia for Today’s Beauty Secrets

Today's Beauty Sharer: Lene,24 From Namibia

Who is your Beauty inspiration? I would have to say Jennifer Aniston. She is someone I admire for her natural, healthy look. In my eyes, the older she gets the prettier and more elegant she looks. I love the fact that she does not complicate her image with excessive make up – she really is beautiful.

Also, I have to make a mention for my Mum. Cliche, but she is someone who always takes care of herself and her skin. As a beauty therapist she has always protected herself and those closest to her from the effects of sun damage, from living in a hot climate like Namibia. She is someone I look up to!

How do you cope with daily stresses? I find it very difficult but I often unwind by having a nice relaxing bubble-bath after work. In the summer, a picnic in the park usually does the trick!!

Lene in her home town Walvis Bay, Namibia

What do Namibian girls care about when it comes to Beauty? The main difference would be the climate. As it is always hot we have to protect ourselves from the sun and take sun-protection wherever we go, even if  we’re just popping out to the shops. Living by the coast in a hot country puts you at more risk. Sun lotion is everything!

What Beauty product could you not live without? It would have to be Nimue Skin Technology. It is a wonderful skin product for improving the health of your skin. It dramatically improves the signs of ageing, dryness, sensitivity and a rough texture.  I have been using this product for the last 8 years. My skin always looks and feels healthy thanks to Nimue. It is AMAZING!

Lene's Beauty Share: Nimue Skin Technology, for making your skin feel flawless!

Lene’s Beauty tip: Exfoliating 2 -3 times a week and never going to sleep with make up on!

Lene's Beauty tip: Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!

And lastly….

Day at the beach or  a hike in the mountains?
Day at the beach (I’m Namibian!!)
Prefer – Going out for dinner or staying in and cooking
Going out for dinner.
Favourite TV show?
America’s Next Top Model and Prison Break – both completely different from each other, I know!

Lene’s Product List: Exfoliation gloves and Nimue Skin Technology (a range native to South Africa with active ingredients imported from France and Switzerland). Lene uses the face wash at around £20 and the Super Hydrating Serum at around £52. You can find the products online.  

Sharing is caring: Who are you? Where are you from? And what is your Beauty tip or product to share? Tell me in the contact form below and I’ll share it for the world to know!

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Why one of Marilyn Monroe’s Beauty Tips can Help You Sleep at Night

It has been one of those days again where no matter how much primer I apply my face continues to look dull and tired. I know what the problem is. I am not sleeping properly. There is nothing better for your health and face than to sleep eight or more good hours a night (which means 10pm-7am, not 2am-11am!). Sleep is highly beneficial for our skin cells to do some repair work and most importantly, for our brains to be in control. The stress caused by our tiredness does little good for the health of our skin.

The ability to get a healthy amount of sleep shouldn’t pose too difficult – as much as I day dream, I am not a rock star/model/any old celebrity being invited to endless famous parties, surviving on Champagne till the early hours of the morning. It is the event of actually falling asleep that proves the hardest part. My mind is buzzing from the TV, my laptop, catch up TV on my laptop and every single app on my iPhone. I cannot for the life of me switch off at night and as I’m not one for popping pills, here are a few ideas on natural approaches:

Marilyn Monroe makes lavender Oil Glamorous

Lavender Oil is the oil of choice for Marilyn in ‘My Week With Marilyn’. Not only a good scene in the film, (when she coyly suggests it is all she sleeps in), but it does actually relieve stress, fatigue, anxiety and insomnia. Known for its calming effects when inhaled, it can help you to unwind after a stressful day. For a therapeutic sleep at night, simply add a few drops of Lavender Oil to a handkerchief and place under your pillow case.

Eucalyptus Oil to help you sleep at night.

Eucalyptus Oil works to ease you into a peaceful sleep due to its cleansing qualities. Native to Australia and Tasmania, Eucalyptus is popular for its ability to clear your nasal pathways and make breathing easier. If it is a cold or lung problems that are keeping you awake at night then this could be a real godsend. As above, add a few drops to a handkerchief and place inside your pillow case

I know I’ll be lathering myself and my pillow in Lavender Oil and feeling as glamorous as Marilyn in the process. Happy Sleeping!

Sharing is caring: Who are you? Where are you from? And what is your Beauty tip or product to share? Tell me in the contact form below and I’ll share it for the world to know!


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