Get Retro Hair Like Lana del Rey with These Style Tips

Lana del Rey is making waves with her retro take on music and styling. And it’s not hard to see why, she achieves effortless glamour without being over styled. It got me to thinking how much my hair craves this low effort, but highly stylish look! Handily, my beauty tip this week comes from Millie who knows her vintage from her retro. She lets us into her favourite tricks and products to keep her hair healthy and styled.

Millie - shares her hair styling tips

Millie’s Beauty tip: My trick is using a Bumpit, it gives you masses of extra volume without the bother of extensions and other hair props. They’re little plastic hair inserts which you simply have to comb an area of hair over to achieve immediate volume! They’re a life-saver on nights out as they make your 60s beehive or volumised chignon look far more professional than they are and because they have combed edges they actually keep the whole place in style.

Use a Bumpit for retro glam hair - simple but effective!

And for effortless, California girl styling:

In the summer I love using Lee Stafford’s Sea Salt Spray, it gives you the perfect tousled, just-left-the-beach look. The directions recommend applying 50 sprays to wet or towel dried hair which at first seemed excessive but is actually spot on because this is enough to completely cover the hair otherwise you end up with hair that just looks a bit unruly. It’s a time saver too as when I use it I leave my hair to dry naturally and just blow dry at the end to set the tousled look.

Lee Stafford Sea Salt Hair Spray for effortless beach hair

With summer coming up it would definitely be my top recommendation!

Aussie Dual Personality Heat Protection Spray - great for those who colour their hair

Millie relies on the following products to keep her hair happy:

I love L’Oreal Elvive Nutrigloss shine shampoo and conditioner. My hair is quite long so can get weighed down really easily. I’ve been through a million different shampoos but have been using this one for the past year because I think it’s great. I always use a hair serum before I dry my hair because otherwise it ends up looking ridiculously frizzy. The best one I’ve found is Aussie’s Dual Personality Shine and Coloured Hair Protection Serum, it’s amazing value for money as I’ve used more expensive ones in the past and found they’re not as effective. I highlight my hair so it’s good to know that I’m helping to protect the colour as well.
I always spray my hair before going out even when I’m just leaving it down, it’s the easiest way to keep your hair looking good for the whole day. I use Frizz Ease hairspray from John Frieda because it gives it hold but doesn’t leave it horrible and sticky so you can brush it out easily if you want to start again.

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting myself a bumpit for a super stylish look this weekend!

Lana del Rey and her glamorous retro look!

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