Anti Blemishes: The Bother, the Natural Remedies and the Search for More?

Everyone has it, those days when you don’t want to get out of bed because for some reason, only known to your face, spots and red patches have decided to stay over for the weekend. Noooooo you think as you inspect closer into the mirror. Why me? And today when I have to be human around other people. We all assume that once we’ve left puberty that those silly little spots will push off too. For the majority of us this is not the case.

There can be an air of disillusionment went it comes to blemish sticks, creams, oils you name it. I myself have been sold into buying an anti blemish, anti reddening cover up only to have a thick yellow substance on my face that dries out my skin (Sorry Clinique but I’m going to drop you in it for your Redness Solutions Corrector, it did not work on my skin type).

If you are a fan of the Natural approach then here are a few ideas:

*Boiling chamomile and lemon juice in water and then applying to your face for about 20 minutes can reduce the look of blemishes, especially those who suffer from acne scars. For best results apply daily.

Chamomile helps in reducing blemishes

* Mix lemon juice, rose water and honey in thirds and apply evenly to the facial area for about 15 minutes to reduce blemishes.

* Lastly place 4 almonds in water over night. In the morning, peel off the skin and grind them. Then add some honey and a few drops of lemon juice into the mixture.

Here is a look at some medicinal approaches:

Retinol – this is a form of Vitamin A and can be applied to the skin for cosmetic or medicinal reasons. Retinol is widely used in beauty products, especially in anti-wrinkle creams and anti-blemish. Retinol based products should be used at least twice a week. It’s effective ability to enhance the appearance of the skin and regenerate dying skin cells is why it has been so popular in skin products.

Some Products that may help all found online:

Shea butter with Vitamin A & E helps to reduce blemishes and scaring.

SCP – Shea butter with Vitamin A & E, at £16.95. It works against both wrinkles and scars.

SCP – Retinol A Skin Care Gel Pump – contains pure Vitamin A &E. contains only natural ingredients at £32.66.

Baba de Caracol Snail cream – is powerfully effective against skin marks and fading scars at £22.50.

Baba De Caracol - brilliant for stretch marks, blemishes, scaring and so much more.

For any other anti-blemish products that you have found to be useful and worked well for you please let Nikki(and me!) know in the comment box below.

Sharing is caring: Who are you? Where are you from? And what is your Beauty tip or product to share? Tell me in the contact form below and I’ll share it for the world to know!

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Sharing is Caring: The Wonders of Exfoliation

Nikki, 30

Today marks the first post of a Beauty Sharer. Sharing is the act of giving something to someone else or imparting a knowledge for another’s benefit. When we hear what someone else has to say we learn something new. To learn from each other connects us. So let us join together and share our beauty secrets. The following woman has braved the first go!


Who is your beauty hero?

Despite all of my convictions I really admire Joan Collins. She’s so glamorous and looks after herself. She wears a lot of make-up, which I don’t, but I like that she makes the effort not to blend in, she’s not part of the beige brigade! On the other hand I admire my friend Hannah who is the Queen of all things natural and makes all her own soaps and beauty products. Very admirable, and I get to try them out!

What is your favourite beauty product?

It would have to be my Clarins Cleansing Milk. I love it because it is an effecitve cleanser for my combination skin type (both oily and dry skin). I use it at the end of the day to remove make up and dirt but it can also be used as a face wash in the morning. For me the best quality is it’s lightness as some produucts can be too heavy and leave a thick residue.

clarins-cleansing milk for combination-skin

What makes you happiest in the world?

A nice relaxed weekend with my husband and my children, where I don’t have to do anything else but put my wellies on and go for a long, muddy walk in the forest.

What is your hair care routine?

I live by the sea which means my hair suffers weather damage from wind, salt in the air and swimming in the sea. I don’t do anything too special but in the summer I use a hair mask once a week and the best one I have ever used is L’oreal Elvive Nutri-Gloss Masque. I also use V05 Hot oil for a deep conditon, it works beautifully to make my hair soft and shiny

What Beauty products would you want to learn more about?

I am always looking for a product that will moisturise but also has anti-blemish qualities as I’m easily prone to spots that are hormonally triggered.

Nikki showing her exfoliator brush

What is your Secret Beauty Share?

I found this wooden foot brush from Wilkinsons (a local drugstore) for 99p but when I got home the bristles weren’t stiff enough for nail scrubbing. So I began to use it as a body brush to exfoliate my legs before I shave. To apply: I squirt a bit of shower gel (Soap & Glory’s Clean On Me) onto the body brush (that was a foot brush!) and then I move the bush in a circular motion up my legs. This improves my circulation and exfoliates, getting rid of ingrown hairs. I would particularly recommend it because I’ve bought body brushes before and they were too strong and stiff- it felt like it was tearing at my skin rather than improving its quality. I have found it to be much better than any body scrub I have used before and would definitely recommend my accidental find!

And lastly…..

Shopping  day or spa day?

Spa day!

Chocolate or coffee?

Both! Can’t have one without the other.

Dog or Cat?

Neither – I clean up enough mess!

Product Summary for Nikki: Clarins Cleansing Milk (£17), L’oreal Elvive Nutri-Gloss Masque (around £5), V05 Hot oil Deep Nourishing (£4.25) and Foot Brush from Wilkinsons (99p).

Sharing is caring: Who are you? Where are you from? And what is your Beauty tip or product to share? Tell me in the contact form below and I’ll share it for the world to know!

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Get Hair as Luscious as Liv Tyler’s With These Natural Steps

Liv Tyler showing off her luscious locks for Pantene

I was intrigued by Liv Tyler’s latest advert campaign for Pantene Pro V shampoo.

Enter soft speaking, impossibly shiny haired Liv Tyler:

Liv: “I tried so many hair care products but my hair just didn’t look healthy enough” [Oo I know the feeling Liv]

Voice over: Now there’s a mystery hair care brand that promises a solution so what is it? [I have no idea? Tell me before I burst with curiosity]

Voiceover: It’s all new Pantene, now reinvented [Well I’ll be damned. And reinvented? You shouldn’t have]

Liv: “First i didn’t believe it (fiercely swishing hair action) but then I tried it. It gave me healthy looking hair that lasted week after week. Finally my hair is healthy looking. My choice is always pantene”. [Not convinced that it is exactly your choice. Have a sneaking suspicion it’s the million dollar endorsement deal doing the talking here]

Voiceover: All new pantene

Liv: “you try, you decide”

Actually as it happens I’ve been using Pantene (granted not the “reinvented” one) for the last couple of months now. I’m not sure it has given me healthier looking hair for “weeks and weeks”. I would go as far as to say that my hair is still in the same predicament i.e. a dry, knotty mess. And if I’m not born to a supermodel mother and rockstar father, what can I do?

Here are a few ways to enhance your current hair routine:

Oils – as ever oils play a natural and vital role in beauty, helping to thicken and soften our hair. This is not instant results stuff so you’ll need to stick at it to see a difference.
Coconut oil can be heated up (about 10 seconds in the microwave, not to boiling point!) and then massaged into your scalp. Applying this two or three times a week stimulates follicle growth resulting in thicker feeling hair.
Almond oil heat up 3/4’s of a cup in the microwave for ten seconds. Apply to your hair and then wrap your hair in clingfilm. After 15 minutes rinse out and wash as normal. This adds shine and strengthens your hair strands; over time reducing split ends.
Jojoba oil – add a few drops into your current conditioner and this not only helps with softening your hair but also, is effective against dandruff.

Coconut Oil for gorgeous shiny hair!

Eggs – This is not for the faint hearted! If you enjoy and have the time for baking then this natural hair mask might be the tip for you.


  • 2 Eggs
  • 5 Tablespoons of Olive oil
  • 1 Teaspoon of vinegar

Preparation: Whisk this all together until it forms a thicker like appearance. It shouldn’t instantly drop off the spoon when stirring.

Lather the formula all over your hair (similar to when applying hair dye), pop on a shower cap and leave in for 20-30 minutes. Rinse with room temperature water (Not HOT – you do not want scrambled egg hair!). Then shampoo and condition as normal.

Doing a deep cleanse like this, every couple of weeks, can naturally enhance dull and damaged hair. I’ll be giving it a go, when I can spare 2 eggs.

Vitamins – vegetarians often take pills that replace a lack of protein in their diet which coincidentally does wonderful things for your hair and nails! You could go for a dependable Seven Seas Multivitamins & Minerals for Vegetarians at £6.38 (60 tablets). You could also try  Vegetarian Glucosamine Hydrochloride by Higher Nature at £4.20 for 30 tablets. This vitamin benefits just about everything from: joints, skin, eyes, nails, hair you name it.

And lastly, a 50’s style vintage trick – protect your hair from weather damage wearing a headscarf and be as uber glam as Audrey Hepburn. Just add fifties shades to pull off the whole look!

Audrey Hepburn looking stunning in a headscarf

Sharing is caring: Who are you? Where are you from? And what is your Beauty tip or product to share? Tell me in the contact form below and I’ll share it for the world to know!

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Top Tips to Open Air Skin Care

I had the delight of finding myself in the Lake District last week. Minus the windy rain ruining any chance I had of decent hair, it did not disappoint. Refreshing outdoor life did wonders for my general energy and topped up my endorphin levels (the body’s natural pleasure hormone). It got me to thinking how natural air has an effect on our skin and how taking a hike in the countryside, every once in a while, just might be the perfect remedy to our busy and stressful lives.

The stress relieving views of Lake Windermere in the heart of the Lake District

Seven reasons to get those walking boots out of the loft:

1)      STRESS- an often overlooked impact on the health of your skin. Open air and spaces are good for taking your mind off the stresses of daily life and stimulating your senses. So sit back, relax and take in the views.

2)      OUTDOOR EXERCISE- You don’t have to be charging up into snow capped mountains for your skin to benefit. A brisk walk that allows your pores to open up and sweat it out is good enough. Take care in drinking plenty of water to rehydrate your skin as you go.

3)      OXYGEN– Goodbye stale polluted city air and hello gorgeous clean oxygen! Take advantage of this uncontaminated air by breathing in deeply, it helps heal your lungs and works to firm and tighten your skin. In fact some people swear by it so much so that they opt for the Oxygen facial (an anti aging treatment that has instant plumping and smoothing effects). Even Madonna is a fan and that lady doesn’t miss a youth defying trick.

4)      SUNSHINE- Just like plants we too need our fix of sunlight to process Vitamin D in our bodies. The real treasure here is its ability to create protective skin cells and, not forgetting, the smooth glowy look it gives to our skin tone. But if you’re going to be outdoors for any length of time, don’t forget the sun cream!

5)      MAKE UP- Take a break from your foundation and let your natural skin shine through. If you’re not too happy about a whole day bare skinned, perhaps try replacing your heavier creams with lightly tinted moisturisers. Your skin will thank you for the rest.

6)      BATH TIME- after a gruelling day out battling the country wind, rain and heights I found there was nothing better than a hot steamy bath. It opened up my pores and dug out that un-shifting dirt that seems to build up so easily. So break out the bubble bath and feel free to lie back for as long as your skin wants you to.

7)      ELECTRONICS- this last one might be too difficult for most of us to bear but putting your phone down for a few hours can work miracles for our overall health and well being. Ever felt that tension in your neck and shoulder area that just will not let up? You’re not alone; we’re all suffering from tech related tension these days. A few hours away from checking, photo taking, updating, posting could be just the break you need.

Me airing those pores - out walking in the Lake District -

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The Only Way is Natural!

Yes, hands up, I’ve been caught watching The Only Way is Essex and I enjoyed it. Even though the Towie lot are far from au naturel I haven’t been left with any moral hang ups about plastic surgery. It is simply the idea that the world has more to offer before I find myself lying down staring back at a long needle or, heaven forbid, a sharp knife. I love make up , beauty and hair products, moisturisers you name it; but I do find myself wondering if the ‘galactic light detecting beam rays’ that will make you look twelve years younger is a load of nonsense? At least with surgery it is honest about what exactly you are getting (the results tend to stand out). Beauty companies spend millions on branding and advertising to make us believe what it says on the bottle will instantly happen for us. If this is my only option, I want to know what the alternatives are?

With the growing trend to look after our bodies and our health in a more natural way (think the recent banning of sun beds for catwalk models). I’ve set myself a challenge to find and use products thats rejuvenating qualities may have been lost or forgotten. Every person and culture has a different experience of beauty and with it there is untapped sharing potential.

For my first topic of Natural Beauty I look to Emma Stone who’s daily routine involves the cheap and cheerful, and oh so natural, Grapeseed oil. What is so special about this product that seems better placed in a salad than your face? Originally made in Italy it is light, non greasy and a fairly flavourless oil making it perfect for skin application.

Emma Stone - a fan of Grapeseed Oil

Emma Stone reportedly uses it for the smoothing effect it has on the skin. But for me, the qualities that I love is its ability to tone the facial tissue whilst also cleaning out the pores; drawing a big cheer for those of us who suffer from an annoying spot or two. Winter can have harsh effects on our skin and it can be troubling to find a good moisturiser that nurtures deep without over exposure. Having sensitive skin I am always on the lookout for an alternative to greasy or heavy products and, of course, the ultimate goal is to achieve glowy skinned nirvana.

Having decided to give it a try, which are the good ones out there?

Primavera Organic Face Grapeseed oil (30ml) – if you are thinking luxurious and you don’t mind spending £30 a go.

HealthAid Grapeseed oil at £5 per 100ml – this is a much healthier option for the bank balance and as an added bonus it can be used for your hair.

Nature’s Alchemy Grapeseed Oil – with added Vitamin E making it super good for your skin, being an American brand, can be found on Amazon at £7.20 for just over 100mls.

Natural Thinking’s Grapeseed Carrier Oil – another product that is light on the purse at £2 per 100ml + shipping costs.

But for the bargain buyers out there, you can head down to your local supermarket and pick up some own brand Grapeseed oil for roughly £2 for 500mls. Seems too good to miss out on so I’ll pick some up and report back with my findings – look out for the video review!

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