Beauty Secrets all the Way From The USA!

Meet Dawn, 29, born and raised in Los Angeles, California

Dawn is a beauty blogger ( and knows all things make-up related. She shares for us, her beauty must haves and a few tips that she’s picked up along the way.

Beauty Sharer - Dawn,29,from California LA

Who is your beauty inspiration?
I admire Janet Jackson for her beauty and style. For as long as I can remember I’ve been a huge fan. She’s so gorgeous and confident but so humble. They’re a lot of divas in the entertainment world and she doesn’t come off as one of them. I see her as a natural beauty and not one to go outrageous with her look. She can wear a bustier or a concealing sweater and look just as sexy.
What product could you not live without?
It would have to be lipstick. I’ve adored lipstick since I was 14 years old. They brighten you up and add a bit of glamour. When I go out without foundation on, I just add lipstick to look and feel fresh. Beauty tip: because lipstick is a cream it’s universal. It can be used on the lips, cheeks and even the eyes, if you’re in a pinch.
What is important to you as a woman from LA in terms of Beauty?

A scene from Dawn's home town LA!

LA is a huge metro, party scene so ladies and gentlemen are always looking to make themselves look and feel better. Gyms and spas are everywhere. I find that exercising is the best detox you can give yourself. It helps to increase blood flow and it makes you sweat out all the impurities in our bodies. Spas are just hands down relaxing. Who doesn’t need to feel relaxed in today’s world? Most importantly laugh! When you laugh you are happy and it makes you feel great! Hang out with your friends, go dancing (double whammy: you can sweat and laugh). I think it’s important to remember that beauty is not just what you put on your face, it comes from within.
Have you got any Beauty secrets to share?
1) Drink lots of water daily – and limit the sugar! Everyone knows this but we just don’t do it enough. I notice when I drink more juices or alcoholic beverages and less water, I start seeing more breakouts than I care to see. Water will flush out all the toxins and hydrate your body.
2) Get plenty of rest- our cells regenerate when we sleep. No sleep equals little to no cell regeneration.
3) Go natural in your skin care products – not everything that claims to be natural really is so my test for natural ingredients is:  If I can’t pronounce the ingredients – it is not going on my face! Lots of department-store brands’ are notorious for adding these types of ingredients. You can buy your products from health food stores (in LA we have Whole Foods Market). I love everything in Lush. I prefer to spend a bit more in order to keep my skin healthy!

Beauty inspiration - Janet Jackson

About Share Thy Secret

Beauty is for everyone. We are all involved with beauty every day in some way or another. But we do not all do the same things, because we are unique. And when we interact with each other we learn something new. My mission is to learn something new from you. It is exciting really. We want to know what someone else does to look and feel beautiful. It gives us ideas and inspiration for our own lives. Maybe, without realising it, you could provide that inspiration. So let's share our secrets and feel more beautiful together! Sharing is caring: Who are you? Where are you from? And what is your Beauty tip or product to share? Tell me in the contact form below and I'll share it for the world to know!
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  1. Lady D says:

    Thanks so much for sharing my thoughts! 🙂 and for following my blog. You are fabulous! Keep up the good blogging!

  2. Lady D says:

    Reblogged this on Lady D Makeup and commented:
    The lovely blog Share Thy Secrects did a nice short bit about me and beauty and it was really fun collaborating with her. I hope to do so again. She’s in the UK and she shares some good beauty info. Check out their blog and follow if you haven’t already!

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